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Success Stories

Success Stories – 1

Dr. Shmaruk has done wonders for my constant back pain. I Highly recommend him to everyone I know. Since he started treating me in 2009, I was suffering from constant chronic lower back pain due to my back to back accidents, where I was rear ended both times in a time spam of less then 6 months from each accident. Ever since I walked into his office, his professionalism & treatments made my intense lower back pain feel much, much better. I can’t stand taking pills for the pain, but his treatments, each time I see him to this day is what makes my pain more treatable. I’m happy with the results & recommendations Dr. Shmaruk has given me & not only do I bring my family there for treatments when needed, but also Anyone who has been a victim of a car accident & has to live with the same Pain I Feel in my lower back to this day. If you have been into an accident or feel pain in your body, Trust me stop looking for any other Chiropractor’s around this area Dr. Shmaruk is where you want to Go!

..... Alex P.

Success Stories – 2

I was in two major auto accidents as a teenager and have had bad lower back pain ever since. I tried the cortisone shots, multiple generic chiropractors and other alternatives with no success. Someone close to me recommended Back2Health and it was the day that changed my life! Dr. Shmaruk spent great quality time with me upon first consultation and all the way through the therapy sessions. He put me on a life changing therapy schedule that included natural methods with chiropractic, massage and acupuncture. Needless to say I have finally been able to live my life to the fullest again. If you have pain that is limiting you the way it did me, you have to give yourself a chance with Back2Health.

..... Chris K.

Success Stories – 3

I have been a patient of Dr. Shmaruk’s for the last several month. The chronic low back pain, neck pain and headaches were unbelievable. I have been to many specialists and prescribed many treatments with no permanent solution and not being able to stay pain free i gave up. I was recommended to Dr. Shmaruk by my co-worker and within a few treatments and no pills my pain eased and I was able to go back to the gym and my normal routine. His directions and suggestions on how to prevent discomfort and pain were on point. I am now a frequent visitor and am happy with results and can recommend him to anyone suffering from joint, muscle, back, neck…pain!

..... Jaime S.

Success Stories – 4

I have been a police officer on the beat for 9 years now…..being always on my feet, getting in and out of the police car puts strain on my body, especially since we carry about 25 pounds on our waist too. I have tried many different doctors for my back pain and none were really effective, until a friend told me to try Dr. Shmaruk. His office is close to the city, where I work, and close enough to home so I gave it a try. After a few sessions I started to feel better and now I go regularly to keep myself in tip top shape. Dr. Shmaruk has a wonderful staff and a modern office that will make you feel very comfortable. I strongly recommend Back2Health for all your pain needs!

..... Max K.

Success Stories – 5

A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Shmaruk after I had taken a bad spill mountainbiking a few months earlier. My left back/shoulder area was really hurting me on a daily basis. Dr. Shmaruk agreed to see me right away when I called and he was very sympathetic to my situation. It took a few sessions, but after a few weeks my pain started to subside and now I feel like a new man. Dr. Shmaruk has magic hands and I recommend his office without reservation.

..... Ian P.

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